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The Best Way to Brag About an Offer Is Under the Guise of Charity

With offer season well under way, some law students may be wondering how to tell the world that they’ve landed summer associate jobs without sounding like complete braggarts. These law students must have read a Miss Manners book or two, because thinking about the feelings of others is the polite thing to do.

Other law students just don’t care about trampling on the self-esteem of classmates. “Sorry about your tiny pink feelings, but I got an offer.” That was way harsh, Tai.

There is just one more category of law student: the law student who feels only slightly guilty bragging about a job offer, so he thinks up a creative way to broach the subject with peers. And one law student at a leading law school has got this method of breaking the news about offers on lock….

We received a tip from a current law student at the University of Chicago Law School, noting that he had received a “schoolwide email from U of C pompous jerk.” Without further adieu, here is the email in question from our so-called “pompous jerk,” who shall be known in these pages as “Pomp and Jerkumstance”:

From: Pomp and Jerkumstance
Date: September 16, 2011 5:20:58 PM CDT
Subject: [Lawannounce] Free 1L Books and Supplements

In celebration of not being unemployed next summer I am giving away all of my 1L junk (books and supplements that I hope I never have to see again).

Crim Law (Kadish, 8th edition
Contracts (Dawson, 9th ed
Property (Dukemiminier, 7th ed;
Torts (Farnsworth, 2nd ed;
Civ Pro (Friedenthal, 10th
Civ Pro (Can’t’ remember the name its a popular text book that another section used)

Also the E and E’s for Crim, Contracts, Civ Pro, and possibly property if I can find it. I don’t know the editions but who cares they are free.

Plus all of the outlines I made/filched from others

What you have to do:

1) Respond to this email with your Name, Hometown, Undergrad
2) A picture
3) A funny/interesting story demonstrating your awesomeness

Okay, folks, this is a pretty creative way to brag about a job offer, but it seems like the law student in question isn’t exactly feeling guilty about spreading the word.

And what is this, a dating application? Is this law student attempting to auction off 1L materials to the hottest and most awesome guy or girl to respond? Perhaps the subject line for this email should have been: “Free 1L Books and Supplements (Must Be Law School 7 or Above).”

But again, since this is all in the name of charity, our “pompous jerk” closed the email with a call to all the rest of those lucky enough to be on the receiving end of an offer:

To all 2L’s who were lucky enough to lock down an offer or expect to receive one in the near future I would encourage you to give your 1L stuff away too. It would be a cool way to welcome in the new class and a great tradition.

It would also be a cool way to make yourself known as an a-hole and start a great tradition of d-baggery. So kudos to you, Pomp and Jerkumstance, and best of luck to you in your next “charitable” endeavor.

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