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A Crime of Fashion: When Law Students Dress Like Hookers

I object to this 'outfit.'

Remember that time when the New York City Bar wanted to hold an event to instruct women on fashion sense for the workplace? How about that show sponsored by the Chicago Bar Association where lawyers dished on fashion dos and don’ts?

Apparently these kinds of events need to happen more often, no matter how controversial they might be, because we still have law students out there who could double as pole-dancers (or worse).

One of our tipsters alerted us to an episode of TLC’s What Not to Wear — the world’s greatest guilty pleasure television show — that we seem to have missed when it aired last year. The show featured a 2L from a southern law school, but this girl dressed more like a prostitute facing arraignment (sorry, Reema) than the lawyer representing her.

So who is she, was she hot, what law school did she attend, and were Stacy and Clinton able to change this girl from a hooker to a looker?

Our fashion victim’s name is Sarah Meyers. She was pretty before TLC’s makeover, but her extensions needed to be put to rest. What Not to Wear describes her as a “young lawyer [who] is committing some serious fashion crimes. Mini skirts, sheer tops, and platform shoes are her standard courtroom attire.”

Thanks to the May 2010 Behind the Bench newsletter, we know that Sarah was a student at the Nashville School of Law. The school isn’t ABA-accredited and was once called the Y.M.C.A. Night Law School. Was Sarah dressed like a stripper because she was financing her legal education with dollar bills? (Kidding, kidding.)

Actually, according to her attorney, Sarah is a “self made millionaire.” He praised her in the comments on a What Not to Wear blog post about her episode:

Before you pass judgement all I can say is a book is far more than the cover. Also for the 5k shopping spree She makes that every day. This I know as her attorney, also her C.P.A can verify for you people. . . . I DID ADVISE HER NOT TO DO IT, BUT SHE DIDNT WANT THE SHOW TO SPEND THAT MUCH MONEY AND NOT DO HER PART !!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, here’s a little clip of the episode for you to watch:

Yes, Sarah, you did look like an “off-duty stripper-lawyer” in your “mute court” ensemble. With pronunciation like that, we think that mute court is the perfect place for you. This advice wouldn’t work for many people, but perhaps you should keep your mouth shut during oral… arguments.

And now that you’ve graduated, Sarah, we hope that you haven’t resorted to being an on-duty stripper-lawyer to make ends meet.

What Not to Wear: Lawyer’s Fashion Overruled [TLC]

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