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Because Sometimes You Just Need to Rap About the Law

It’s the end of October, and you know what that means: law school finals are lurking. As law students begin to hunker down and make sweet, sweet love to their outlines and flashcards, others are busy thinking up more clever ways to study the same materials.

Visual learners think that drawing pictures will help them cram especially boring law into their brains, but those in the auditory learning crowd know better. And that’s why one law student is writing rap songs about the most boring law of all, Sarbanes-Oxley….

Over at the Antitrust & Competition Policy Blog, Professor D. Daniel Sokol explains how one of his students at the University of Florida Levin College of Law got into the law school rap game:

D. Daniel Sokol

I use an Enron case study for class to discuss problems of corporate governance/compliance and regulatory response to crisis in my Business Associations class. I also have an evening showing of the documentary Smartest Guys in the Room, based on the book by the same name about Enron for the class. One of my current students felt so moved on Monday that he created a song (based on Gangster’s Paradise).

Sokol’s student, Juan, is a lyrical genius. Here’s a little sample (you can go to Sokol’s blog for the rest):

As I walk through the (SILICON) valley of death
I take a look at my (ENRON STOCK AND) realize there’s no more left
Cause I’ve been (COOKING THE BOOKS) for so long that
Even (THE GAAP) thinks that my mind is gone

Without further ado, we present Juan’s version of Smartest Guy’s Paradise:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

He needs to work on his hustle and flow a little bit, but other than that, we have no concerns. This isn’t the first time a law student has used rap as a study aid — remember the Still Civ Pro rap, by Notorious B.O.A.L.T.? — but it’s definitely one of the best examples.

Protip for Florida Law students: recruit this kid for your law revue, stat. You can thank us later.

Juan, throw us a shout-out when your next single drops.

Corporate Compliance – Enron and Sarbanes Oxley (To Music) [Antitrust & Competition Policy Blog]

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