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The 99 Percent’s Take On Law School Employment Statistics

Whenever I ask law school deans to explain their BS employment statistics, they just shovel more BS my way.

But maybe if students themselves asked where these figures come from, they’d get some straight answers.

One student, at a law school that at this point is undisclosed, asked her dean why the school’s employment statistics were clearly misleading. And it looks like the dean broke things down for her.

She used the information to tell another story of the 99%….

There are a lot of “We Are The 99%” stories floating around. But this one takes direct aim at our legal education system:

Would it be so difficult for the ABA to require this kind of breakdown before students start law school?

In any event, whatever you think of the Occupy Wall Street protests, it’s hard to defend law schools that purposely mislead students into taking on even more debt.

‘We Are the 99 Percent’ Photo of the Day [The Dissenter]

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