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2011 Legally Themed Halloween Costume Contest Winner

The voting for the best legally themed Halloween costume was close this year.

Very close.

The contest pitted a group against a couple. It pitted NYU Law against the University of Minnesota Law School — Big City v. Heartland. And when all the votes were counted, the final margin was seven votes, out of over 2,400 votes cast!

Should we have a run-off? Hell no! This isn’t youth soccer. The votes are final and winner takes all. Let’s see who gets the coveted Above the Law t-shirt(s)….

The contest came down to two submissions. The kids from Minnesota won the commenters over, but came up just short with Above the Law readers, hence, Bill of Rights finishes in second place:

Good try guys — maybe next year you can totally kill the ATL t-shirt budget.

That means that our first place winner is the couple from NYU. For the second year in a row. Yeah, we have repeat champions, Grandfather Clause:


And thanks to everybody who submitted a costume.

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