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Breaking: Conrad Murray Found Guilty of Involuntary Manslaughter in Michael Jackson Case

Dr. Conrad Murray

With hundreds gathered outside of a courthouse in California (with a stunning lack of Michael Jackson impersonators), we can finally answer this lingering question.

Who’s bad? Dr. Conrad Murray.

Dr. Murray, the King of Pop’s doctor, has been found guilty of involuntary manslaughter.

What kind of sentence is Dr. Murray looking at?

Dr. Murray now faces a sentence ranging from probation to four years in prison. It is likely that he will lose his medical license. He will be sentenced on or before December 8, 2011. Looks like Dr. Murray isn’t such a smooth criminal, after all.

This trial was definitely a thriller, but we wonder how will Dr. Murray be able to look at the man in the mirror now that he knows his fate.

UPDATE (4:35 PM): Dr. Murray has been remanded to the custody of the Los Angeles sheriff’s department without bail, and will appear for sentencing on November 29, 2011.

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