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Closing the Loop on the Case of Bro Versus Thailand

Not good times.

Earlier this week, we told you about the Northwestern Law student who made a joke about Thailand on the Northwestern listserv. The joke was in poor taste, especially given that it was in response to a solicitation for charitable donations after a deadly flood in Thailand.

I thought the penalty would be a chorus of “too soon” every time somebody saw him on campus. But the Northwestern Dean tells us that the kid is being punished….

First of all, let’s kill the wild speculation that the kid — who we called “Quid Pro Bro” — got expelled. He did not. We had received reports from all corners saying that he was expelled, but Interim Northwestern Law Dean Kimberly Yuracko told Above the Law that those reports were inaccurate.

But the Northwestern Law administration put its foot up Quid Pro Bro’s ass in some fashion. Here’s the message Yuracko sent to all the NU Law students after our report this week:

To: Northwestern Law Students
From: Kim Yuracko
Re: A Message From the Dean

Students have brought the recent student listserv comment in response to a fundraising initiative for flood victims in Thailand to my attention. In response, I want to be clear that offensive remarks, such as this or others that are similarly demeaning to individuals or groups, are unacceptable and have no place in a community such as ours. While resolutions must remain confidential, I can assure you that we take these types of matters very seriously and we are addressing the situation in an appropriate manner.

Yuracko wouldn’t tell us any more about what specific punishment the school is handing out. When pressed, she told us: “[A]s the message states, resolutions are handled in a confidential manner.”

Rumors are flying as Northwestern students play “where in the world is Quid Pro Bro.”

But should he be punished at all? It was a bad joke at the wrong time. And he got shouted at by his fellow classmates, and made fun of at the school and in the media. Hasn’t everybody gotten enough of a pound of flesh?

Worse things have been broadcast to entire law schools, right? There have been students we’ve written about that I wish somebody would punish. Here, this guy just made a tasteless joke.

Maybe that was his sin. If he had been serious and said: “I absolutely do not rule out the possibility that Thai chicks are, on average, genetically predisposed to be easy,” the entire libertarian crowd would have rushed to his defense claiming the academic validity of his intellectual question.

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