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Did You Attend Today’s ‘Killing Spree’?

If you’re a law student, you probably checked your email first thing this morning for one reason or another. Maybe you were waiting to hear back from a professor. Maybe you were praying for a snow day and hoping that classes were canceled. Either way, you probably weren’t expecting to see something like this from your law school:

What the hell? If the proposed war on gunners started today, Above the Law didn’t get the memo. Which law school sponsored a “Killing Spree”?

As our tipster noted, it was probably “a little disturbing” to open up your email to something like that. All it took was a little click to see that today’s “Killing Spree” was a Federalist Society event:

A group of young conservatives in favor of killing? Go figure. You’ve got to hand it to the Fed Soc coordinators for the inherent shock value in the event’s name alone, even if it’s a little scary to see a “Killing Spree” on your school’s public event calendar. Come on — finals haven’t even started yet.

(Kidding aside, this does sound like an interesting event on an important topic. Props to Fed Soc and the National Security Law Society for sponsoring such a timely talk.)

So which law school gets the prize for the worst event advertising?

Oh, Duke Law School, we’ll never get tired of teasing you for your fabulously douchetastic ways. Whether you’re stealing each other’s lockers or telling the undergrads to go f**k themselves, you always have something fun going on.

Way to give your classmates the shocker this morning.

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