Non-Sequiturs: 11.09.11

* Joe Paterno’s legal innocence is irrelevant. [Toy Department / Baltimore Sun]

* But there will be a lot of lawyering to do before Jerry Sandusky is brought to justice or clears his name. [Litigation & Trial]

* Process servers: another job that computers will make extinct. [Lexis Nexis]

* In Flori-duh, they think mens rea is optional. [Overlawyered]

* Women who work jobs where they are likely to be sexually harassed earn more money. If you don’t think about it too deeply, it means slapping a female colleague on the backside while calling her “sugar tits” is actually helping the ladies earn what they deserve. [Washington Post]

* … I say that because I’m not talented enough to engage in “invisible” sexism. [Simple Justice]

* I bet if a Tiger Mother did this, some would praise her aggressive parenting techniques. [Huffington Post]

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