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One 2L’s Innovative Approach to Job Hunting

A reader alerted us to the following Google ad, which showed up in a Gmail sidebar next to a law-related email chain:

Whoa! Is this for real? Is a second-year student at Cardozo Law School actually advertising himself via text ads on Google, promoting himself as “[a] great choice for Summer Associate”?

Are Cardozo law students truly this desperate? Is this why the career services dean quit to teach yoga? Should Cardozo focus less on teaching students how to walk and more on teaching them how to conduct job searches?

Or is this too harsh an assessment? Let’s learn more about the 2L behind this unusual ad.

If you go to the address in the advertisement,, you’re taken to résumé of Eric B. Einisman, a member of the class of 2013 at Cardozo Law. Eric currently has a law school GPA of 3.555, which places him in the top 15 percent of the class. He received a B.A. in political science from the University of Michigan, where he had a GPA of 3.507 and served as Academic Chair of the Michigan Pre-Law Society.

It makes sense that he’s in the top 15 percent, which is a critical point along the curve at Cardozo. If he were in the top 10 percent, he’d probably be bragging about his Biglaw job right about now.

In terms of his work experience, Einisman is currently interning at Fisher, Byrialsen & Kreizer PLLC. The four-lawyer firm, with offices in Manhattan and New Jersey, handles civil rights, personal injury, and criminal litigation matters.

Eric Einisman is also the co-president of the Unemployment Action Center at Cardozo. This makes sense as well: when faced with Unemployment, this man takes Action.

Our tipster was not impressed by Einisman’s approach:

This poor guy is paying whatever Gmail charges for targeted ads in the hope of landing a summer job. I’m not even sure if it’s mock-worthy; there’s a big piece of me that just feels badly for him….

[E]ither way, it seems in line with a lot of your coverage of law student desperation!

Speaking for myself, and putting the kidding to one side, I don’t think it’s “mock-worthy.” In today’s difficult job environment, sometimes you have to do things to get yourself noticed. If you take an unorthodox approach to your job search, people might poke fun at you on the internets, and certain stodgy employers might shun you — but if you end up with a job, you get the last laugh.

Remember David Freedman, the unemployed law review editor-in-chief from Chicago-Kent College of Law, whose plight was discussed back in January by in-house columnist Mark Herrmann? Some observers suggested that being featured on ATL would hurt his chance of finding a job. These armchair pundits were wrong. Check out Freedman’s personal website:

I graduated law school without a job. And then this happened and things changed.

Things sure did change — for the better. As noted by posters over at Top Law Schools, David Freedman is now an associate at Kirkland & Ellis, arguably the top law firm in Chicago.

So what’s going to happen to enterprising Eric Einisman? Here’s my guess. A Google ad campaign won’t get him a summer associate position at Cravath or Sullivan & Cromwell or Davis Polk. But a Cardozo or Michigan alum at a small law firm, perhaps a plaintiff-side firm, might see Einisman’s ads — via Google, or via this Above the Law story — and think to himself or herself, “This Einisman kid has chutzpah! He’s a hustler, not afraid to put himself out there — which is exactly the kind of associate I could use in my practice. Maybe I’ll bring him in for an interview.”

We’ve reached out to Eric Einisman for comment on his unorthodox job hunt. Expect to hear more about him in a forthcoming post.

UPDATE (11 AM): This isn’t the first time someone has used a Google AdWords campaign to try and land a job. In the field of advertising, where creativity is more embraced than it is within the stodgy legal profession, a copywriter found employment through an ad campaign that cost him $6.

P.S. If you’re looking for a law-related job and don’t want to take out a Google ad campaign to promote yourself, try checking out the ATL Job Board instead. If you’re an employer interested in posting a job with us, please email (subject line: “ATL Job Board”). Thanks.

Unemployed EIC of CK Law Review now at Kirkland [Top Law Schools]

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