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Chicago Attorney Allegedly Showed Her Breast Implants to Co-Workers; Blames Blago for Ethics Complaint

Not Tamara Tanzillo (her pic is after the jump).

Here at Above the Law, we write all the time about lawyers who have allegedly committed misconduct. And when some of these lawyers go off the deep end, you just feel bad for them. You want to give those poor souls a hug.

But when the rest of these lawyers decide to let their freak flags fly, you feel the urge to instantaneously friend them on Facebook. Instead of a hug, you’d like to buy them a beer, or better yet, a shot.

For example, take the case of Tamara Tanzillo. Back in 2009, she was fired from her job with the Illinois Department of Health and Family Services for engaging in “arguably decadent personal behavior.”

But what does that mean? Let’s find out — and have a look at the rather attractive Tanzillo, too….

Tanzillo, a graduate of the Chicago-Kent College of Law, was reportedly acting like a rambunctious sorority girl at work, which led to her dismissal, and ultimately an ethics complaint filed against her by the state of Illinois. The best part? She’s blaming all of it on Rod Blagojevich (who, by the way, just got sentenced to 14 years). It’s all a conspiracy, you see?

The Legal Profession Blog wrote about Tanzillo’s exploits, and then the juicy story was quickly picked up by the Chicago Tribune:

A Chicago attorney and former chief of staff at a state health care agency, who allegedly exposed her breasts to co-workers, came to work drunk and kept nude photos of herself on state computers, is facing sanctions from Illinois’ attorney disciplinary body.

Tamara Tanzillo

Damn, girl. Before we get to the allegations made in the ethics complaint, let’s take a look at Tanzillo, who was described to us by a tipster as “hot for a 52-year old.” Lo and behold, our tipster was correct. There is nothing better in this world than a hot redhead. Especially a hot redhead who allegedly flashes her co-workers and keeps naked pictures of herself on her work computer.

Now, let’s get into the body of the three-count complaint (available here) against Tanzillo. The first count is relatively boring. She was allegedly late for work, may have falsified her time sheets, went shopping during work hours (who doesn’t?), and displayed naked pictures of herself on her computer. But can you really blame her? If you were that hot, you’d probably make those pictures your screensaver. Pretty standard stuff.

The second count of the complaint is where things start to get interesting. Things always get interesting when two women have a cat fight because they’re allegedly dating the same man:

14. In August, 2009, the Champaign County State’s Attorney’s Office filed charges against Respondent for telephone harassment . . . related to a complaint made to the Rantoul police. The woman who filed the complaint (“complainant”) and the Respondent were both dating the same individual. The complainant alleged that Respondent sent text messages and made telephone calls threatening to keep their mutual acquaintance from getting or keeping a job with the State of Illinois if he continued to see the complainant. The complainant further alleged that Respondent called her a “f**king bitch” and made threats against her life and advised the victim that their mutual acquaintance had taught her how to fire a gun.

The criminal charges were dropped, but you do not want to piss off a redhead with a gun. And you certainly do not want to piss off a redhead who allegedly likes to get wasted and do generally crazy s**t. You know, just things like showing off her breast implants to anyone who will look and banging men in her office. All allegedly, of course. No big deal.

Let’s take a look at count three of the complaint….

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