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Lawyerly Lairs: Cravath Cribs (Part 1)
(A non-partner’s million-dollar penthouse.)

It’s huge — bigger than most NYC apartments. Per the Observer:

With over 2,100 square feet of outdoor space, the terrace is one of the home’s most appealing features. Currently, Mr. Grant grows berries and perennials on the terrace which play host to flocks of morning doves and bumblebees. While it may not be Mother Earth’s uterus, it will suffice for city living.

Right now there just seem to be plants, plants, and more plants. But remember Raglan’s plans to install a hot tub, outdoor shower, and grill. Perhaps the firm can rent out her terrace for a summer associate event next year?

And what about the views from the terrace?

(hidden for your protection)

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