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Nude Pictures: The Best Way to Help Students Study for Finals

Our law student readers are well aware that finals season is underway. People have already started camping out at the library as they meticulously prepare and organize their outlines and note cards. They’re double- and triple-checking their professors’ slides to make sure they haven’t missed any important information. And for the average law student, poring over pages and pages of text can get mind-numbingly boring very quickly.

Apparently one controversial professor at a D.C. law school figured that out, and decided to add a bit of excitement to his lecture slides. Because nude pictures are great study aids….

The professor in question is John Banzhaf of George Washington University School of Law. You may remember him from the Catholic University of America’s same-sex dormitory debacle. One of his students, a 1L, sent us an email about Banzhaf’s latest pictorial adventure:

Apparently Professor Banzhaf thinks that the best way for his 1L tort students to learn about defamation is to look at nude photoshopped pics of Britney Spears… He displayed a censored version in class, which is fine, but then when I was checking his online slides for my outline, I discovered that he had also posted 9 (nine) photos of Britney Spears in varying degrees of undress on his website. has links to the photos.

I feel more educated already.

Correction: the best way to learn about ANYTHING is to look at nude pics. I’m a girl, but like… duh?

Besides, they’re not even real nude pictures. Thanks to the wonders of digital editing, we can look at fake nude pictures of celebrities all the live-long day. Here’s a more tastefully redacted, Photoshopped picture of Ms. Spears that our tipster is complaining about:

(And I say “more tastefully redacted” because Banzhaf decided to use the Paint airbrush tool for his censored, in-class version. I saw nips and bush, and while inappropriate for ATL, if you want to check ’em out, you can click on britnude.jpg and britnude2.jpg on Banzhaf’s website.)

When you’re studying for finals, what’s wrong with taking a few moments to examine Britney Spears’s fake breasts? Come on, at the very least, if you don’t end up learning about torts, you’ll become a master of discerning Photoshopped boobs from real ones. Britney may be Mrs. Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, but it’s all in the pixels.

UPDATE (12/6/11 9:24 AM): Are you wondering where all of the Photoshopped photos of Britney Spears have gone? Unfortunately, Banzhaf’s additional “study aids” were not provided intentionally. It seems that the good professor caught wind of this story on ATL, and in an “oops, I did it again” move, emailed the following to his entire 1L torts class:

Please be advised that the “slides” displayed in class have been moved to a new main directory.

I did this because several images [.jpg files] were inadvertently uploaded to the old directory. If students looked only at the HTML pages — the ones which were shown in class — there was no problem.

However, some of the images which I worked with in creating the HTML page which was displayed in class were not removed from the directory, and were inadvertently uploaded when the HTML file was uploaded.

I apologize to anyone who may have been searching the “defamation” directory for files other than HTML files, and stumbled upon the images which should not have been there. I have removed these images from the new directory location.

Please remember that the only “slides” which were displayed in class are in the form of HTML files [files ending in .html], so there is no need (unless you have too much time on your hands) to look at image and other files which may be on the directory of torts slides which is provided to help you.

GW Law students, next time you’ve got “too much time on your hands,” just search on Google for your porn. You might be able to find some real naked pictures of Ms. Spears if you try hard enough.

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