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So You Failed the MPRE… Now What?

Last week, we mentioned in Non-Sequiturs that the results for the November administration of the MPRE had been released. While most were elated with their scores, others had a serious case of the WTFs (i.e., “WTF, how did I fail this stupid multiple-choice test?!”). If you’re a member of the latter camp, you might be wondering what you can do to get a passing score for your state.

Worry not, law students, because we’ve got a solution for you. Enter the People of Channel 38 — three recent law school graduates who will school you on all things related to legal ethics in musical form. With their help, maybe you’ll pass the test next time. The fifth time is the charm, right?

The People of Channel 38 — Jesse Sommer, Randy Seriguchi, and Josiah Young — are each recent graduates of American University – Washington College of Law. Without those pesky things called “jobs” to weigh them down, they decided to launch a multimedia entertainment business. Who says the law can’t be fun?

They might not be able to get jobs, but they still “wanna be ya lawyer.” Here’s what they sent us:

We thought you might enjoy this parody music video that’s designed to make MPRE review as thrilling as law school is unnecessarily expensive.

A line like that makes us wish that these guys would have submitted an entry for our annual law revue video contest while they were still in school, because it probably would’ve been awesome.

Before we show you the video, let’s discuss some of the highlights:

  • The video features three hot, talented lawyer guys;
  • One of the hot lawyer guys is a white guy who can actually rap (several points deducted for the Eminem hairstyle);
  • There are funny MPRE footnotes and rap lyrics throughout the song, à la “it ain’t a problem if we kiss before we doin’ business, ’cause that’s pre-existing love and pre-existing booty”;
  • For the fellas, cute girls appear from time to time during the video; and
  • For the ladies, two of the American Law hotties take off their shirts at 2:12 and 3:38, respectively.

Without further ado, here’s Channel 38’s MPRE review:

After watching Channel 38’s MPRE review, we trust that you’ll be set for the March administration of the exam. If not, at least this served as an entertaining distraction.

The Channel Guide [Channel 38]
Wanna Be Ya Lawyer (An MPRE Review Guide) [Channel 38 YouTube]

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