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What’s The Worst Law School In New York?

It’s an intriguing question. There are 11 ABA-accredited law schools in New York City and Long Island (I’m including Pace, even though the law school is in White Plains). Personally I love them all. Seriously, any one of them can produce a story about great idiocy that I can make fun of on the internet. That’s all I really care about.

But law students in New York argue over the strengths and weaknesses of their law schools all the time. Or at the very least they often mutter about the idiots across town under their breath.

While some students like to argue that they go to the “best” law school in New York, that’s a less interesting question. And there are so many Yale students running around town (New Haven is only 90 minutes away), so saying you go to the best law school in New York feels a little bit like saying you’re the tallest midget.

It’s a bit douchy to argue over who’s best, but it’s pretty fun to argue over which law school is the worst. Nobody thinks that they go to the absolute worst law school in the city. But that means one student body is dead wrong.

Let’s find out who!

Before we get to the reader poll, I want to share this note from a reader who thinks that she might actually go to the very worst law school in the city:

I’m a 1L at CUNY regretting my decision to go here in lieu of Cardozo (for obvious reasons, one of which being all the people here are the worst people in the world). This afternoon a faculty meeting was held in the “auditorium” of our s**t hole school to discuss what steps they’ll be taking to correct the problem that we are out of compliance with the ABA due to our absolutely abysmal bar passage rates over the past, uh, forever. A bunch of the feel-good types have their panties in a twist because the administration wants to raise the minimum GPA from a 2.3 to a 2.5, which is apparently the most difficult thing in the world to achieve.

Maybe I should mention again that the school is out of compliance with the ABA, which means it’s officially the worst, stupidest school in New York. We are worse than Tauro [sic]. And that place is full of people so dumb they barely got out of community college. Now excuse me while I prepare my transfer paperwork and kill myself.

I wonder if this tipster will tell us what she really thinks.

Is the grass really greener at Cardozo, though, or at any other area law school? Let’s see. What do you think is the worst law school in New York (including Long Island, so we can answer this tipster’s Touro claim)? To be clear, I’m taking NO position on this question. I love everybody. And ponies, and rainbows. Yay, love and happiness.

I’m just interested in what the readers think.

Use any criteria you like. If student bodies want to ban together to vote for some other school, so be it. The school that votes together is probably better than the school that can’t manage any collective action.

Voting closes SUNDAY, DECEMBER 4, at 11:59 PM (New York time, of course).

UPDATE (12/5/11): Want to find out who “won” the vote? Check out the results here.

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