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Partner Playtime: Lawyer by Day, Roller Derby Diva by Night

As a lawyer, you’re probably looking for a way to cool down after the work day is over. You’re probably looking for a way to rid yourself of all of the pent up angst and aggression that you’ve accumulated throughout the day in the office.

Put down the bottle, alkie, because we’ve got a different solution for you. Maybe you should consider taking this lovely litigatrix’s lead, and join the local roller derby team. After all, you get to “slam into people,” and that’s what sold her on the crazy idea.

Let’s take a look into the life of Amy Dinn, a partner at Gardere Wynne Sewell LLP, who goes by the “Prosecutor” when she’s in the rink….

Amy Dinn, a graduate of the University of Texas School of Law, is a 36-year-old partner at Gardere, a mid-sized Texas firm. Our previous coverage of the firm dealt with news of pay raises, followed by layoffs and pay cuts.

So, why did Dinn choose such a rough-and-tumble activity as her extracurricular sport of choice? The Wall Street Journal has more information on this Texan roller derby diva:

Amy Dinn

Ms. Dinn says roller derby suits the nature of her job. “Litigation is a high-stress profession,” she says. “Sometimes you have to be aggressive and stand your ground on your position.”

She looks so cute in her law firm head shot that you’d expect her to be baking cookies for toddlers instead of physically assaulting other women in a roller derby bout. Despite her sweet appearance, Dinn’s law firm colleagues soon found out what she was up to in her private time:

“The first time you get hurt the cat’s out of the bag at work,” says Ms. Dinn. “I come in bruised or walking funny and co-workers ask questions.”

Or maybe they just thought Dinn had a really good night (in an Alisha Sparks kind of way)?

In her time on the roller derby scene, Dinn has had two major injuries. In 2008, she tore her ACL and had to have reconstructive surgery. In 2011, Dinn had spinal surgery for a herniated disc. But Dinn subscribes to the “work hard, play hard” school of thought, and she she hasn’t let her injuries bring her down in the office.

Dinn claims that being a member of a roller derby team has helped her to achieve a better work-life balance. And while her co-workers were initially surprised by her after-work activities, she says that now they’re excited to watch her in action. If anything, this sounds like a great way to haze new employees and opposing counsel.

“See that girl? Yeah, the one who just made the girl on the other team bleed. That’s the Prosecutor. She works for our firm, and you better not piss her off.”

Getting ‘Whipped’ Into Shape [Wall Street Journal]

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