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Law Students Cry Over School’s Absurd Subway Ad Campaign

This ad campaign sucks!

Back in October, we told our readers about one Boston-area law school’s exciting new advertising campaign. These days, the best way to promote your law school is by hanging posters in city subway stations that proclaim the strength of the nonexistent job market for law school graduates.

Now, just a few months later, the law school’s students have worked themselves into a tizzy over their embarrassment. After throwing numerous hissy fits, the students have finally gained some ground with the administration. Let’s find out what’s going on at New England Law | Boston….

We received this email from a tipster, bemoaning New England Law’s subway ad campaign (as well as other goings-on at the law school):

Apparently more people think the ad campaign is embarrassing than I thought. Given the amount NESL has been shaving off the budgets – buying less course reserve books, eliminating one of our law journals, b*tching at the student groups about their budgets, and paying how much for this piece of crap ad campaign? Buncha bullsh*t, if you ask me (but no one did).

As a refresher, here’s a picture of one of the subway ads in question:

The job market is also stronger when you’re not a regional law school at the bottom of the U.S. News rankings, but what do we know?

Apparently NESL students are so mad that they’re having a “town hall” meeting with the administration to discuss the implications of the ad campaign. Here’s what the school’s Student Bar Association had to say:

The SBA spoke with the Administration concerning the varied opinions that students had been expressing related to the ads. The conclusion of that discussion was the idea of holding a ‘Town Hall’ type meeting that would invite students to express their opinions in regards to the ads. The Administration, the SBA, and the student body as a whole have a shared interest in representing our school in the best possible light. To that end, we believe a genuine and open discussion revolving around the ad campaign will serve the mutual interests of all.

To that end we will be holding a meeting on Monday, February 27th at 5pm in the Cherry Room. The meeting is open to the entire student body and we encourage all students with opinions on the new ad campaign to attend and share their feedback. Members of the Dean’s office will be present and executives from the advertising agency that created the ad campaign will also be present.

Yeah, because the administration and the advertising executives really give two sh*ts about what these whiny law students have to say. They’re going to listen to members of the student body cry for an hour, smile and nod their heads, and when they leave, they’re not going to do a damn thing.

This is what your tuition dollars are paying for. Welcome to law school, folks!

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