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Scantily Clad Waitresses Are Surprised By Sexual Harassment, Sue Over It in Federal Court

It pretty much goes without saying that if you voluntarily agree to work in an establishment where the uniform consists of knee-highs, a tartan mini skirt, a bare midriff, and a push-up bra, you’re going to risk exposure to some lecherous individuals. That’s a given.

But what happens when it’s not just the patrons who are acting like horny frat boys? What happens when the most prominent pervert is your boss?

That is what has been alleged in a sexual harassment lawsuit filed by employees of the Tilted Kilt in Chicago, Illinois, a breastaurant that’s advertised to consumers as the “best looking sports pub you’ve ever seen.” Let’s take a look at some of the allegations….

The Daily Mail provides a nice summary of the case against the Tilted Kilt’s management:

The lawsuit filed by 19 women claimed that a manager groped them and made filthy, degrading remarks – often in front of patrons.

Mark Roth, a lawyer representing the women, said they were forced to endure insults and were degraded while trying to do their jobs.

According to CBS Chicago, one manager grabbed the women’s breasts and buttocks, tried to kiss one of them and put ice down their skirts.

The complaint, in its entirety, is available here. Aside from the standard issue allegations of groping and grabbing the plaintiffs’ breasts and buttocks, we’ve pulled out some of the more entertaining ones for your viewing pleasure:

Sounds like “Daddy” is one sick f@%k.

Bottom line: being sexually harassed by your boss isn’t something that these women should have to put up with — regardless of the fact that they’re dressed like slutty Scottish schoolgirls.

Johnson, et al. v. Tilted Kilt [Complaint – N.D. Ill. Eastern Division]
Celtic-themed sports bar waitresses wearing skimpy kilts and tartan bras ‘were groped by boss who put ice down their skirts’ [Daily Mail]

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