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A Model’s ‘Fat Ass’ Gets Her Fired, But Earns Her a Win in Court

Have you ever watched America’s Next Top Model? We have (but only because of the lawyerly competitors). In recent years, the show has featured a number of plus-size women, with one of them winning the competition in 2008. Many critics have referred to these women as “fat,” wondering if these curvy girls could really stand a chance in the modeling world. But they weren’t actually fat, or even plus-size — realistically speaking, they were quite average. They just didn’t fit the so-called modeling mold.

So what happens when your run-of-the-mill model, a woman who has been called “very skinny, almost anorexically skinny,” is deemed too fat to model by her own agency? This is apparently what happened to the winner of Holland’s Next Top Model, who decided to sue over it.

Who is this skinny-fat model, and what does she look like? More importantly, how did she fare in court? Read on for all of this and more, including some slightly-NSFW pictures (not nude, but racy)….

The “fat” model in question is Ananda Marchildon, and she won season four of Holland’s Next Top Model, entitling her to a three-year modeling contract worth approximately $98,500. But after doing only $13,000 worth of work, Marchildon was canned. Elite Model Management told her that her hips were simply too large to continue strutting down the catwalk.

Instead of drowning her sadness in chocolate like a standard-order fat girl, Marchildon opted to sue her modeling agency. Elite claimed that this girl was too hippy to model anymore, but how big are we talking here? The Daily Beast has more information:

When Elite sent Marchildon packing, it claimed that her hips, measuring 92 centimeters (36¼ inches) were just too broad for her to get work. Marchildon starved herself and exercised relentlessly to try to lose the required two centimeters, but to no avail. A spokesman from Elite Models allegedly said that because of her “fat ass,” she was unfit for modeling.

FYI, Marchildon’s big, “fat ass” would fit into a size 2 here in the United States, which is pretty tiny. In case you don’t believe us, take a look. Does Marchildon have too much junk in her trunk?

The Amsterdam District Court didn’t think so. Marchildon came out on top this week, and the Washington Post has more on the decision:

According to the written ruling, though she gained weight after winning, she had a hip measurement of 92 centimeters (about 36.2 inches) when she won, and Elite could not demand that she go down to 90 centimeters — about 35.4 inches. That is far smaller than the average woman’s hips, but not unusual in the modeling world. …

[Elite] did not say whether it plans to appeal.

The court awarded Marchildon around €65,000 ($85,000) in damages, plus interest and legal fees.

We’re glad that this cutie with a booty got her day in court — because really, who in their right mind doesn’t appreciate a “fat ass” like hers?

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