Non-Sequiturs: 03.02.12

* Hey baby, how about a little Koch in your Cato? (It’s really pronounced like “coke,” but it’s more fun this way.) [Volokh Conspiracy]

* Next time you’re thinking of publicly criticizing a judge, use your internal coffee filter. Unless you don’t like your job and you don’t mind us writing about it. In that case, go ahead, criticize away. [WRAL]

* You can sue McDonald’s for making you fat, but you can’t sue McDonald’s if a cashier bitch-slaps you with a burger-flipping spatula. Only in America, folks. [Consumerist]

* CLS Class of 2012, we’re not saying that you should choose Michael Rosenberg as your graduation speaker. We just appreciate it when candidates give shout-outs to Above the Law in their speeches. [CLS Student Senate]

* At ease, soldier. Back in September, it was cool to wear your military garb in gay porn videos, but now it’s considered a fashion don’t. [Suits & Sentences / McClatchy]

* Medical billing is being overhauled along with health care, and there are some new billing codes that relate to lawyers like “Stressful work schedule (Z563).” What’s the code for “Lathamed”? [Constitutional Daily]

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