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This King & Spalding Partner Allegedly Kicks Ass

Corporate law partners are supposed to have kick ass deal books, but they’re definitely not supposed to kick their mistress’s ass. Unfortunately for one King & Spalding partner, this is the wild allegation that’s strewn across today’s issue of the New York Post.

After reportedly partnering with his side piece for years, according to police documents, K&S partner Steven Guynn allegedly flew into a rage and slapped his girlfriend four times in the head “in a punching manner.” Last May, Guynn reportedly beat his mistress and threatened to kill her.

Let’s learn some more about the charges that Guynn is facing….

According to the Stamford Advocate, Guynn — who has an undergraduate degree from BYU and a law degree from UVA Law — has been charged with third-degree assault, second-degree threatening, disorderly conduct, and interfering with an emergency call. What gave rise to these charges? The New York Post has the scoop:

Steven Guynn

Steven Guynn, who has handled billion-dollar deals involving big-bucks clients around the world, allegedly punched gal pal Jeannette Schaefer after flying into a rage over breakfast last week in the tony New Canaan, Conn., home he shares with his wife. . . .

[O]n the morning of March 14, their secret romance turned violent.

Guynn allegedly slapped her four times “in a punching manner” to the right side of the head, leaving a bruise under her left eye, according to the police report.

It wasn’t clear what set him off.

Days later, according to court papers, Guynn is alleged to have visited Schaefer’s apartment, where he then prevented his mistress from calling 911 to report another incident. Guynn was arrested and released on $30,000 bond.

Why women continue to remain with men who allegedly hand their asses to them with the panache of Chris “Beat Her Down” Brown’s flying fists of fury is beyond me. But perhaps money had something to do with it?

Schaefer told the police that Guynn constantly showered her with gifts, and that the pair had even planned to go into business together. As noted in the Stamford Advocate, Guynn’s lawyer, Christian Young, claims that the K&S partner ultimately decided against the venture:

“The timing of her complaint, coupled with what obviously is frustration at the lack of any financial support by Mr. Guynn, lends great questions to the credibility of her complaint,” Young said.

Ah, yes. The “mo’ money, mo’ problems” defense. But what is the world coming to if Biglaw bucks aren’t enough to support your mistress’s business ventures?

According to the Post, King & Spalding is well aware of Guynn’s misadventures: “We take this issue seriously, and we are working to understand the facts.” We’ve reprinted Guynn’s firm bio in full on the next page in case it mysteriously disappears in the coming days.

Silly UVA Law grad. You’re supposed to pop your collar, not allegedly pop your mistress.

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