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Above the Law Seeks Additional Writers

As you may have noticed from the run on allergy medicine, spring is in the air (even if spring bonuses aren’t). Spring is a time for new beginnings.

On that note, we’re thinking of launching a few new columns here at Above the Law. If you’re interested in writing for us, please read on for details.

As we’ve explained before, we generally do not accept guest posts or outside contributions (so please don’t send such inquiries our way; if you do, they will probably go unacknowledged). When we have specific needs, we post about them, as we’re doing now.

The rules for writing for Above the Law are simple. You can be anonymous, or not. You can have the comments on, or not. You can be a tool, or not. But if you are boring, there isn’t anything we can do for you.

Here are the three columns we are currently considering. We expect that these positions would be paid (by the column), but they are not full-time positions. Also, please note that it’s not definite that we’ll launch all (or any) of them; whether we do will depend in part upon the kind of responses we receive.

1. A Biglaw partner column. We enjoy reading former Kirkland & Ellis partner Steven J. Harper’s Belly of the Beast blog. We’d be interested in getting a current partner at an Am Law 200 law firm to offer similarly candid reflections on the current state of the legal business, the culture of large law firms, and similar subjects.

2. A Supreme Court column. We cover the Supreme Court quite a bit here at Above the Law, but since we don’t have a full-time writer down in D.C. — Lat and Elie are in New York, Staci Zaretsky is in Massachusetts, and Chris Danzig is in California — we’d be interested in having a Washington-based correspondent who could cover key Supreme Court arguments in person. We’re thinking it would be helpful if this person is a member of the Supreme Court bar, which would facilitate getting access to the arguments. (As Mike Sacks has explained, it’s a pain in the neck for mere members of the public to get in to watch SCOTUS proceedings.)

3. Another column about small law firms. Above the Law’s coverage of small firms is thriving. We’re thinking about supplementing our current excellent line-up — Valerie Katz, Brian Tannebaum, and Tom Wallerstein — with one additional writer.

If you’re interested in any of these opportunities, please follow these instructions:

1. Please email us, at the usual tips address, using one of the following subject lines, depending on the position you’re interested in: “Partner Column” or “SCOTUS Column” or “Small Firm Column.” (If you’re interested in multiple positions, please send a separate email for each.)

2. Please include (a) a short explanation of your interest in the position, including any editorial ideas or vision you might have for the column; (b) a current résumé or bio (a link to an online bio like a firm website profile is fine); and (3) some clips or writing samples, if you have any (as either links or attachments).

3. Please submit your application no later than MONDAY, APRIL 23, at 11:59 PM (Eastern time).

4. Please note that we don’t send emails confirming receipt of applications, and we don’t send rejection emails. If you haven’t heard from us by May 1, you can assume we’ve gone in a different direction.

Thank you in advance for your interest and your application. We look forward to hearing from you.

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