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Law Revue Video Contest 2012: The Finalists!

You’ve seen the worst of the worst; now cast your eyes on the best of the best. Or, perhaps more accurately, “the least musically and comically painful videos of the 2012 law revue season.”

Maybe we’ve just been doing this for too long, but this felt like a rough year in terms of overall quality. And overall eye candy. And overall “could somebody have an original idea”-ness. But there were still a couple of real gems.

As in years past, your reviewers will be David Lat, Elie Mystal, and special guest star Kashmir Hill (now over at Forbes). But they just issue advisory opinions; you hold all the power. Vote early, and vote often.

Who will follow the winners of years past — UVA, Northwestern, and Boston University — into Law Revue lore? The decision lies in your hands….

Videos are listed in alphabetical order by school. Voting will close on MONDAY, APRIL 23, at 11:59 PM (Eastern time).

1. American University Washington College of Law — I Want That Job Today

ELIE: Right off the bat, we see how the competition this year wasn’t up to the level of previous years. These guys, they’re fine. They’re actually singing in tune; it just sounds like something is off because their vocals greatly overpower their music. Even if they weren’t flummoxed by production values, there’s nothing really funny here. But they didn’t completely embarrass themselves, so — finalists! Welcome to 2012!

LAT: I’m with Elie — not amazing, but solid, and solid will get you into the finals this year. Cute choreography, good attention to details (check out the sunglasses), and a few clever lyrics (like around the 1:20 mark).

KASH: I was definitely impressed by the set changes. You made the most of your scenic city. But I was hoping for some more entertainment from the lyrics. Law students should be able to put the Backstreet Boys to shame in turning a clever phrase.

2. Boston University — Law So Hard

ELIE: The defending champs are back with another solid effort. The quality of the rapping is higher, but the quality of the funny is lower (except for the BJ line). Keeping with the theme, they should be looking for recording contracts instead of summer associate gigs.

LAT: Very talented rappers. Points for the ATL shout-out and the law firm name dropping.

KASH: I enjoyed the old-school celebration of “the fabulous life of a corporate lawyer,” i.e., blow and getting blown. The economy must be improving because our submissions this year included very few laments about job woes and student loans. Overall, it was a nice performance, but the bar was set high by last year’s “I Like The Law,” and this one limbo-ed under it.

3. Columbia Law School — Full Faith and Credit

ELIE: This video reminded me of this old Cheri Oteri SNL skit, where she makes sure everybody knows what she’s talking about. The video was straight dirty. Good singing, good writing, and raunchy. It’s my second favorite of the contest.

LAT: Strong singing (superior to AU, in my view). A delightful mix of law nerd jokes and double entendres. Who knew the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure could be so… hot? But not as hot as that adorkable boy who goes shirtless, gets sprayed with whipped cream, and frolics in a fountain.

KASH: This is the essence of Above the Law set to music. Plus whip cream. This entry has a serious chance of coming out on top.

Click on the next page to see the rest of the entries, including this year’s favorite to win the whole thing, and to vote….

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