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March Lawyer of the Month: A Biglaw Partner With Some Admirable ‘Gumption’

It’s time to announce the winner of March’s Lawyer of the Month competition. Readers had five male candidates to choose from, ranging from celebrated conservative litigators, to loud-mouthed state officials, to troubled Biglaw partners. But in the end, only one man had the bravado necessary to beat out the rest — some “gumption,” if you will.

Let’s see who took home the title of Lawyer of the Month for March, an honor surely worth replying-all about….

Just 15 votes separated our Lawyer of the Month from our second-place finisher. Sorry, Paul Clement, but your outstanding performance arguing before the Supreme Court wasn’t enough to overcome our winner’s lecherous performance via email.

That being said, March’s Lawyer of the Month is Kevin Reed, the Quinn Emanuel partner made famous for this less-than-gentlemanly, NYC office-wide reply-all message:

I admire your gumption, especially when you’re in a tight dress.

Apparently Reed’s message wasn’t meant for the temp secretary to whom he had replied, but you’ve got to admit, there’s nothing like embarrassing the alleged target of your affections and yourself in the process.

When we first broke news of this story, my colleague Elie Mystal chalked it up to a case of a dude acting like a dude. Elie was criticized harshly on Jezebel for his views. Come on, seriously? Elie was right in that boys will be boys — and they’re going to keep privately objectifying women no matter where they are.

But here’s the big, unspoken secret about the situation, from your resident female misogynist: some of those women are going to like it. Hey, at least I have the “gumption” to admit it. And you know what? There are two sides to this coin. Women privately objectify men all the time, but we’re just more careful about the technology we use to do so because we don’t like getting caught.

For now, boys, why not do us all a favor and try to keep your minds out of the gutter during working hours?

Legal Blogger Attempts to Criticize Lechery, Ends Up Seeming Lecherous [Jezebel]

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