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The Firm That Shoots Together, Stays Together

I see no problems here.

Apparently I’m the crazy one here. None of my co-editors think it’s that cool or surprising that a law firm would take a company trip to the shooting range. Maybe it’s because I live in the Bay Area, and the only guns near me are the ones with which gangsters shoot each other.

It’s not like we’ve never mentioned attorneys who know their way around firearms before. We’ve covered the judge who reported pulled his piece in court, and the Supreme Court justices who went hunting together. But this is the first instance we’ve seen of any sort of institutional embrace of fun times with weapons.

Regardless, this New York-based boutique firm is taking the coolest field trip ever. And they aren’t just going to any shooting range, or shooting wimpy little .22’s…

We came across the following email invitation for employees of Kobre & Kim, a boutique litigation shop, courtesy of an anonymous tipster:

I know, I know. Guns are bad, mmmkay. But what a way to unwind from a long, stressful week. Just roll out to West Point, and unload some “exotic firearms” into a large cutout of some generic, shadowy terrorist. AND you get free (gourmet) food. How could this outing not put you immediately in a great mood?

Maybe this is a good solution to general dissatisfaction within the legal industry. The only possible downside I can see is if some absurdly disgruntled associate “accidentally” turned the gun the wrong way, and “unintentionally” shot a managing partner in the face. But that’s extraordinarily improbable, and besides, it might not be such a problem: vice presidents of my country high school shot other people in the face all the time. It was no big deal.

All jokes aside, this is cool. Kudos to Kobre & Kim for thinking outside the box, and offering what seems like a pretty unique opportunity for a hard-working team of attorneys to unwind together.

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