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Canadian Lawyer of the Day: This Lawyer Was Literally on Top of the World

It has been a rough year for the mountain climbing community, particularly for those who have attempted to summit the tallest peak in the world. During the last year, ten climbers have perished on the slopes of Mount Everest.

In a way, that only makes the story of the young Canadian attorney who summited Everest over the weekend even more incredible. Who is she, and where does she work? Let’s meet our Lawyer of the Day

Over the weekend. 34-year-old Sandra Leduc tweeted from almost 30,000 feet elevation:

On 26 May 2012 at 5:39am I summited the highest mountain in the world.

Sandra Leduc

When Leduc is not being a complete badass, the McGill law school graduate works for the Canadian Department of Justice in the aboriginal law and strategic policy section. I’m not exactly sure what that means — it must be a Canadian thing.

The Ottawa resident is a veteran traveler, according to her personal website, which features her Impressive photographs from across the globe.

Incredibly, when she reached the top of the mountain it was actually her second attempt within a week. On the previous Friday, she was forced to turn back 200 meters shy of the summit. From the Metro News last week:

An Ottawa woman is facing a difficult choice: try again to summit Mount Everest or turn back because she’s no longer in top condition and she saw, first hand, that the mountain claimed the lives of four people who set out before her.

Sandra Leduc has been climbing Mount Everest for two months and chronicling her journey on Twitter and a blog. She’s at base camp below the summit, said her brother Kevin Leduc on Monday.…

Her group set out on [a week ago] Sunday and climbed for 10 hours before harsh weather set in, he said.

“She was 200 metres from the summit and her team decided to turn back,” he said.

Thankfully, Leduc made it back safely. But not without seeing some grisly sights first. From her Twitter feed:

Lots of dead or dying bodies. Thought I was in a morgue.

The Metro News also reported that one of the bodies’ headlamps was still illuminated. Wow, that’s like something out of Indiana Jones. It will be quite an interesting day once she returns to the office.

In any case, we congratulate Sandra on her incredible achievement, and we wish her many more safe adventures!

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Sandra Leduc

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