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Divorcée Sues Neiman Marcus for Refusal to Accept Return of $1.4M in Gifts From Allegedly Cheating Ex-Husband

For most luxury shoppers, a trip to Neiman Marcus is the stuff that dreams are made of. After all, bags overflowing with designer merchandise can usually put a smile on any face, no matter the cost. But for others, such a shopping excursion just serves as a reminder of all the sex, lies, and betrayal that go hand-in-hand with a bitter divorce.

Because apparently when your husband stops in to buy hundreds of thousands of dollars in merchandise year after year, it’s essential for your former personal shopper to allegedly swipe his “credit card” — over, and over, and over again….

At least that’s what one divorcée in Texas is alleging. She filed suit against Neiman Marcus after the luxury retailer refused to take back $1.4 million worth of gifts that she attempted to return after discovering her ex-husband’s alleged affair….

ABC News has the details on this case of luxury shopping gone awry:

Robert Tennison & Favi Lo

Sex, money, shopping and betrayal spurred a woman scorned to file suit against Neiman Marcus after the luxury retailer, known for its generous return policy, refused to take back $1.4 million worth of merchandise.

During the three years Patricia Walker spent bedridden recovering from a traffic accident, her then-husband Robert Tennison’s spending spiked at the retailer’s Dallas location. He showered her with an outsized pile of gifts. But all the while, according to the suit, he was allegedly carrying on a secret affair with Favi Lo, his wife’s trusted Neiman Marcus personal shopper.

Walker’s lawyer, Mark Ticer, claims that Lo was getting a huge commission from Tennison’s sales. Alas, if that was the only thing Lo was getting from Walker’s ex, then maybe Walker wouldn’t have had to sue.

But perhaps the best part of this lawsuit is the fact that Walker’s ex was allegedly buying her millions of dollars in gifts with her own money — she was the one who paid the Neiman Marcus bill. Isn’t it amazing how real life imitates Destiny’s Child lyrics? From the complaint (available here):

Neiman Marcus, known for its generous return policy, reportedly failed to accept Walker’s $1.4 million in returns in what her attorney calls a “sex for merchandise” scheme, according to WFAA-TV. And while Walker’s complaint alleges fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, and a conspiracy to defraud her, the high-end department store, represented by James Walk of Bryan Cave, has denied all allegations of misconduct.

Check out this additional coverage by ABC News:

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Here’s some advice for Walker in case things don’t go her way in court: why not hold an auction and sell off all of her unwanted gifts, like the jilted socialite did in the first Sex and the City movie? And if she’s lucky, maybe she’ll even have a “colorful bidder” who hopes to reel something in for “fifty-f**king-thousand.”

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