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Lawsuit of the Day: Yet Another Woman Claims She Was Fired for Being ‘Too Hot’

You may remember that back in the summer of 2010, an attractive and curvaceous woman named Debrahlee Lorenzana sued Citibank for wrongful termination. Apparently Lorenzana was “too hot” — so hot, in fact, that she allegedly distracted other bankers from doing their jobs, resulting in her firing.

Just two years later, another woman claims that she was fired for similar reasons — her employers at a lingerie business allegedly told her she was “too hot” and that her breasts were “too large.” Now, we know what you must be thinking: how can one be “too hot,” or have breasts “too large” to work for a lingerie company?

Everything’s possible in New York, but we know that TTIWWOP — “This Thread Is Worthless Without Pictures.” We’ve got a few, plus a video….

Before we get to the pictures, let’s dig into the facts of the case. The plaintiff, Lauren Elizabeth Odes, has filed a gender and religious discrimination suit against her former employer, Native Intimates, with the assistance of her high-profile attorney, Gloria Allred. (If you recall, über-hottie Lorenzana hired Allred, too — a decision that she tells the media she now regrets.)

The New York Daily News has more details on Odes’s claims against the lingerie distributor:

A pint-sized brunette with platinum streaks, Odes said she was wearing a dress when the female supervisor first said she was too sexy for the job. Odes wore a gray T-shirt and black leggings with rain boots the next day. But the bosses still complained.

“‘Lauren, try taping down your breasts to make them appear smaller,’” she claims she was told.

The next day, Odes said, she wore a high-waisted black dress and boots — the same outfit she wore to a Monday press conference. Once again that didn’t pass muster with her bosses.

Odes said she was given a choice — buy a sweater that comes to her ankles or cover up in a bright red bathrobe the supervisor pulled off the rack. When she donned the robe, her co-workers laughed at her. So she went weeping to buy another outfit — and was axed while out shopping.

When your breasts are as large as Odes’s grand tetons, you can’t just tape them down without defying the laws of physics. Besides, according to Reuters, Odes said that the lingerie business sold “thongs with hearts placed in the female genital area and boy shorts for women that say ‘hot’ in the buttocks area,” which she thought granted her license to dress “provocatively.”

And when we say “provocatively,” we mean too hot for the Orthodox Jewish owners of the company. In fact, in the New York Post’s write-up, Ms. Allred noted that Odes was told she was “drawing attention from others,” and that she should tone down her style of dress “for her own safety.” Can we get an “oy vey” up in here?

In the wake of her lawsuit, perhaps this is the attention that Odes was looking for all along. She’s listed as a “Fahion executive/bartender” on Reality Wanted, a web site that helps aspiring reality-show cast members find work. You’d think that with those two big brains of hers, she’d be able to spell “fashion” correctly, but alas, that doesn’t seem to be her strong suit.

Sadly, it seems that this is what happens when your breasts are an attractive nuisance.

And now, for the much awaited photos and video of Lauren Odes, click through to the next page….

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