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Lawyerly Lairs: The Five Most Expensive Attorney Abodes in Washington, D.C.

This is the “living room,” but doesn’t it look more like a grand ballroom?

And this vast expanse is the “family room.” Whose family — Octomom’s?

This kitchen looks larger than many an NYC apartment:

This house would be great for hosting a summer associate event. Anyone up for billiards?

Pretty sick, isn’t it? Keeping this house clean is a real #1percentproblem.

To learn more about the Hacker house, check out the full listing. And to read more about the homes discussed above — as well as all the other homes in the top 50, including the #1 residence, worth a whopping $45.5 million — visit Washingtonian.

50 Most Expensive Homes [Washingtonian]
Robert Hacker House [Home Visit]

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