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Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer Stolen From… Again!

Again? Why don't I have an alarm system?

Back in February, we reported that Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer had been robbed at machete-point while vacationing in the Caribbean. None of his family or friends were injured, but the alleged thief, Vedel Browne — who has since entered a not guilty plea and been released on bail — made off with nearly $1,000 in cash.

You’d think that after such a harrowing experience Breyer’s luck would turn around. However, as we mentioned in Morning Docket, Breyer was the victim of a crime, yet again, but this time at home in Washington, D.C. In case you haven’t been keeping track at home, that’s two times in less than four months. After this, perhaps the Secret Service or the U.S Marshals Service will be inspired to, oh, I dunno, offer their services to the Nine (even if a justice declines said protection).

Let’s find out what happened this time, what kind of loot the thieves made off with….

According to the Reliable Source blog of the Washington Post, Breyer’s home was burglarized in early May:

A housekeeper discovered the break-in May 4. No one was home when it happened, Supreme Court spokeswoman Kathleen Arberg confirmed to our colleague Robert Barnes. According to a police report, the burglar appears to have entered by breaking a pane of glass near the front door; a pair of $500 silver candlesticks and a 100-piece set of silver valued at $2,500 were taken. Arberg confirmed that no material from the court was missing. Gwyndolyn Crump, a spokeswoman for the D.C. police, said the investigation remains open.

Do you seriously mean to tell me that this guy has money for a maid, but not money to protect his sh*t? And really, who robbed his house, a set of high society debutantes without the necessary silverware for tea time?

Apparently Justice Breyer doesn’t watch much television, or else he’d have already invested in an ADT Home Security system for just $99! Apparently peace of mind is a luxury the good Justice cannot afford.

Justice Breyer’s Georgetown home hit by burglar [Reliable Source / Washington Post]

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