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Dewey Have Stephen DiCarmine as a Bankruptcy Creditor?
(Plus pictures of his former office.)

I have previously admired DiCarmine’s physical appearance — he looks great for someone who graduated college in 1978 — and I’ve wondered about his beauty secrets. In addition to tanning, it seems he believes in hydration. The man has a thing for Evian:

Hydration, yes; neatness, no. As commenters have noted, and as photos have shown, Steven Davis kept an immaculate desk. Steve DiCarmine, not so much.

In addition to enjoying Evian, it seems that DiCarmine likes to shop. And can you blame him? That’s one advantage that Midtown law firms have over their Lower Manhattan counterparts: proximity to Fifth Avenue. Look at the pile of shopping bags and gift boxes in the corner:

I don’t mean to be a size queen, but for someone earning $2 million a year, DiCarmine’s office wasn’t very big. You can see its dimensions better in this photo (click to enlarge — but it won’t get that large):

It seems that Steve DiCarmine’s personality was bigger than his office. His recovery from the Dewey bankruptcy will probably be even smaller.

UPDATE (5:00 PM): A source who once sat on 27 reports that DiCarmine’s office looked a bit different back in the day (as opposed to when these photos were taken, when Dewey was already spiraling down the drain and offices were being packed up). According to this tipster, DiCarmine’s office was always neat and clean, and he had a big iMac on his desk (not the PC seen in these photos).

Perhaps someone else is now using DiCarmine’s old office? Or perhaps it’s being utilized for storage purposes?

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