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Incoming UVA Law Student Asks for Tuition Donations

In tough times like these, sometimes you have to be resourceful to get what you want, and it seems that some people still really want to go to law school. And rather than taking out additional student loans, in the spirit of Ruth Carter — a 3L at ASU Law who started the “Sponsor a Law Kid” program — an incoming UVA Law student has decided to solicit online donations to help “lessen[] the debt load.” It’s a sad, sad day when a future UVA student can’t afford to pop her collar.

In fact, this young woman wants your help no matter what you think of her, because in the end, so long as she gets her tuition dollars, she doesn’t really care. Hell, even if you’re “sadistic and would enjoy watching” her fail, she’ll still be glad to take your money. She’ll even send you little prizes in the mail as thanks.

If you’d like something to balk at, let’s find out more about this entrepreneurial Cavalier….

Cara Henis is a graduate of UT Austin, and will be joining the UVA Law class of 2015 come August. According to her LinkedIn profile, she’s hoping to study media law. Well, that’s probably a good thing, considering the fact that she may experience a bit of a media circus once word of her academic panhandling gets around.

Cara has no desire to “become Uncle Sam’s serf,” but as you can see, she hasn’t had much luck yet with donations, so she needs your assistance. Why should you “Help Cara Go Legal”? From her website:

I’ve been working and saving for this for a year now, and almost have enough to get by for the first semester without taking out the dreaded GradPLUS loan. So, please help me give the first semester a go with less loan money.

Tuition for my first semester is $25,400. With my other loans and savings, I have 3/4 of my cost met.

So, please please please donate if you want something cool, donate because you love/ believe in me or even donate because you think I’ll fail, but are sadistic and would enjoy watching. I’m not Kant– the pretext behind your support isn’t important. All I’ll see, and be extremely thankful for, is your generosity and support. Thanks, again, guys!

For just pennies a day, you can help this future lawyer accumulate enough funds to join the ranks of the notorious UVA Law students who came before her. Dear Lord, where’s Sally Struthers when you need her?

And make no mistake, Cara is already billing herself out at an hourly rate that rivals that of a first-year Biglaw associate. For $250, she’ll do anything you want, “as long as it is legal and not skeazy.” Seriously, she’s not willing to do anything “skeazy”? Aww, honey, you’ve really got a lot to learn about what it’s like to be in debt.

We wish Cara good luck in her solicitation of donations, because at this rate, it seems like she’s going to need it — some of her classmates have already written to us to tell us how “annoying” she is. As for her future, we can only hope that she won’t turn to Reema Bajaj for advice on how to supplement her income.

Help Cara Go Legal [Indiegogo]

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