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Potential Lawsuit of the Day: Octomom Refuses to Ride the Pole at Florida Strip Club

Nadya Suleman aka Octomom

When it comes to Nadya Suleman, aka Octomom, we’ve only mentioned her in passing, and that’s probably because no one actually cares about the woes of a mother of 14 children (holy crap) — come on now, she doesn’t even have her own reality TV show. But it’s hard to feed so many mouths, so back in April, Suleman claimed that she would consider taking any job, as long as the price was right.

Unfortunately for Octomom, dignity was too costly an option. Instead, she’ll be starring in her own [link is quasi-NSFW] masturbation film — set for online release on June 20, and sadly not entitled “Octopussy.” And she’ll be stripping at a Florida venue the second week of July.

Well, she was supposed to show off her sexy C-section scars in mid-July, but she apparently decided to pull out of her contract. If only she hadn’t undergone in vitro fertilization, this would have been great joke fodder.

Now Suleman may be facing an epic lawsuit, but to be honest, we’re surprised that it took this long for someone to threaten to sue her….

TMZ, the Associated Press of reporting on racy lawsuits and pseudo-celebrities, has the scoop on Suleman’s potential legal woes:

Nadya Suleman was scheduled to go topless July 11-14 at T’s Lounge in West Palm Beach, FL — but she pulled out earlier this month because one of the strip club’s employees bashed her on TV … calling Nadya “a little crazy.”

But T’s Lounge isn’t taking no for an answer — and now, a lawyer for the club has fired a letter off to Octo’s camp, claiming Nadya failed to give the club written notice of her cancellation, so if she doesn’t perform as scheduled … the club will sue.

The demand letter, sent by attorney Gerald R. Pumphrey on behalf of T’s Lounge, notes the following:

Check out the fun little billing note on the bottom of the letter — apparently having a secretary write a letter to a “famous” stripper wannabe took 16.2 minutes. And to get back to the letter’s actual content… “extraordinary costs of replacement”? You cannot be serious. What kind of low-rent strip club would have difficulty replacing a star stripper like Octomom? We’re sure that some other failed celebutante would be willing to step in at the drop of a hat (or boobie tassel, as it were).

Meanwhile, according to Suleman’s publicist (yes, a woman on public assistance can afford a publicist), because this would-be Mother of the Year felt “defamed and was in fear for her life,” she will not be appearing at the strip joint. Octomom has retained a lawyer, and now plans to sue the club for defamation. We were surprised to learn that Gloria Allred, the patron saint of wily female causes, wasn’t tapped for her assistance.

We look forward to seeing whether a knock-down, drag-out war will ensue between Suleman and T’s Lounge. If you’re interested in taking a look at Pumphrey’s demand letter, click through to the next page….

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