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Comment of the Week: The Pledge of Evil

This week, we had many wonderful comments to choose from, simply due to the high number of entertaining stories we’ve written about. But perhaps the most entertaining of all was a story about the daughter of a legendary football coach allegedly getting into a battle royale with one of her former sorority sisters. Because when Kristen Saban dots the “i” in her name with a heart, she does it in blood.

After all, everyone knows that joining a sorority is like taking a pledge of evil — it only takes a little bit of alcohol for all of the demons to escape (and various articles of clothing to come off, but that’s neither here nor there; Google it if you like).

Anyway, let’s find out who won the honorific title of Comment of the Week….

We were going to give the prize to Learned Paw for this beauty in our Vacation Haiku post, but we gave him the prize a few weeks ago and because he’s a cat, Mr. Paw elected not to claim his t-shirt. (Note to self: crochet — yes, I crochet, and I learned how to do that in my sorority days — a judicial robe suitable for a kitty.)

Going to the beach
Does not excuse lawyers from
Checking you email

— B. Urquhart

At the end of the day, we really couldn’t resist handing the win over to KiIroy for saying what everyone was thinking when they finished reading the epic tale of Kristen Saban’s alleged fists of fury:

I just read all that and they didn’t end up kissing or tearing off clothing? I want my 5 minutes back.

For the sake of our readers, next time there’s a catfight that ends in a lawsuit, we hope there will be some kind of sexy video evidence. KiIroy, please send us your contact info via email so we can get you a t-shirt.

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