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Instead of Applying For A Job, Why Don’t You Act Like You Are Applying For A Job?

NBC’s Peacock Productions is looking to shoot a pilot. And they want you.

They want your big personality, your innate sense of the camera, and your desperation. They need that lean and hungry look that you’ve honed through rejected job applications past.

Do you think you have what it takes? Do you think you can accurately portray a person who wants a job at a New York law firm???

The job post is a bit old, but a friend tells me that NBC is still looking for people. The details are light, but I think you’ll get the picture:

NBC’s Peacock Productions is casting for a major cable network’s proof of concept. We are looking for outgoing people with big personalities to portray intern applicants at a New York law firm. Send a link to your video showing us your unique and enthusiastic side.

I really wish people would stop calling summer associates “interns,” but whatever.

Otherwise, I think this is a great opportunity. Why get an actor to portray unemployed law graduates when there are so many real live unemployed law graduates?

Just do us a favor: when you send NBC a video of your “unique and enthusiastic side,” make sure you cc: us. You know, for the lulz.

Check out the full ad on the next page. I know it says the deadline has passed, but I think they’re still looking….

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