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Law Professor Charged in Sex-for-Grades Corruption Scandal

Extra credit?

Have you ever thought about having sex with a professor in exchange for a good grade? Don’t lie, we’ve all thought about it. Here in America, it wouldn’t be that big of a deal if someone found out about your illicit tryst. Someone might get fired, you might have to retake a class, but that would probably be the end of the story.

But if this had happened in another country, perhaps a country with stricter laws, then the professor in question could be looking at multiple criminal charges, a pretty stiff sentence, and huge monetary fines. And as luck would have it, a sex-for-grades scandal recently occurred in Singapore of all places — the same country that recently “relaxed” its death penalty standards in favor of lifetime imprisonment with caning.

Let’s discuss the allegations of a professor’s hanky-panky with a law student coming straight out of the “Fine Country,” a place where defendants cower in fear over the fines they may face for their alleged behavior….

Tey Tsun Hang, an associate professor of law at the National University of Singapore has been charged with six counts of “corruptly obtaining gratification” from a former student, which is just a classy way to say that Tey was allegedly getting freaky with a student in exchange for good grades.

The Big Story blog of the Straits Times has the scoop on this developing story:

Court documents indicated that Tey, 41, is accused of obtaining gratification in the form of sex – on two occassions – and other items such as a Mont Blanc pen, an Apple iPod as well as two tailored-made shirts from former student Darinne Ko Wen Hui, 23.

She had also made payment for one of his bills worth $1,278.60.

These were said to be inducements for showing favour in his assessment of Miss Ko’s academic performance.

Wow, apparently good grades cost a pretty penny in Singapore, because a law professor here in the United States probably wouldn’t expect to be showered with gifts in addition to any office-hours sexy time. And just how bad were Ko’s grades in the class to begin with? Perhaps Ko wasn’t as good of a lay as she thought she was, and felt inclined to give her professor presents for some additional incentive.

Here’s some additional video coverage from the Straits Times:

Either way, we’ll see if Singapore’s Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau will somehow be able to unearth all of the evidence to support these charges against Tey. According to Bloomberg, Tey faces a maximum fine of approximately $79,888, as well as up to five years for each of his six corruption charges, if convicted. And don’t think that Tey’s accuser will get off so easily, because even though she hasn’t been charged (yet), Ko has hired some top criminal lawyers to handle her case.

Hopefully Tey will be able to get off as easily as he did when he was allegedly involved with Ko.

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