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Want to Get Hired? Just Take Off Your Shirt!

When it comes to employment-related lawsuits, we’ve seen some pretty wild allegations. In the past several years, a handful of women have alleged that they were terminated because they were simply “too hot.” While Debrahlee Lorenzana was told allegedly that she had to stop wearing sexy clothing because it distracted her coworkers, Lauren Odes was allegedly told that her breasts were “too large,” and that she needed to put on more clothing to cover them.

Being told to change your style of dress or put on more clothing to keep your job is one thing, but what about stripping out of your clothing just to get hired? That would be normal for a strip club, but unfortunately, the plaintiff in this case wasn’t trying to bump and grind on a greased-up pole….

Now that we’ve got you all hot and bothered, we’re sorry to disappoint you, but the plaintiff in this suit is a man.

When Jonnie Smith tried to get a job at the Marriott Residence Inn at the Louisville, Kentucky airport, he never thought that the interview process would be so strange. Courthouse News Service has posted the complaint:

Unless the amenities at this airport hotel include male escort services, you’ve got to wonder why a female manager would allegedly ask a future employee to remove his shirt during the interview process. That premise gives the phrase “getting lucky in Kentucky” a whole new meaning.

According to Smith’s complaint, prior to his exit, the female manager “became upset” with him and notified him that wouldn’t be hired. Maybe after a screening of Magic Mike, the manager was displeased with Smith’s physique. Alas, not everyone can look like they’re Photoshopped in real life. (We should mention that we tried to find a picture of Smith, but with a name as nondescript as his, it was pretty difficult.)

Smith is seeking compensatory and punitive damages for sexual harassment, unlawful failure to hire, and intentional infliction of emotional distress — and perhaps for the restoration of his dignity.

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