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Comment of the Week: It’s Like The Olympics of Comments

Maybe our readers were inspired by feats of athletic greatness in London, because people brought their A-game to the comments this week. The breastfeeding thread alone was hilarious. If Comment of the Week were an objective sport, like swimming, this comment probably would have won:

David, having the biggest breasts doesn’t make Elie the best qualified ATL staffer to write this story. Please assign such stories to one of the women staffers next time, either Staci or Danzig. Thanks!

But Comment of the Week is subjective, like gymnastics, so suck on my moobs, “Guestnoxious.” Mwahaha. I hope the ATL T-shirt was your last option for comfortable cotton clothing and you now have to wear a polyester blend for the rest of the summer.

Same goes to you, Mr. Paw, with your decision to insult esteemed columnist Brian Tannebaum in a thread that should have been devoted to insulting Cooley Law:

I was inspired to go to law school by Joe Pesci in Home Alone and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. I’ve since carved out a niche practice suing children who’ve injured criminals with elaborate booby traps.

— B. Tannebaum

Tannebaum’s on vacation or he’d probably go guy outside the Albany Bar Exam on you.

Yeah, instead of these (admittedly funny) slams on the prestigious and classy ATL writing team, I’m going with comments from the post where the Florida State kid allegedly got shot by a classmate. Since he survived it’s okay to joke about it, right?

Here’s the beauty of the comment of the week this week, you have to be a long time ATL reader to get it. From commenter Bossistani:

Welcome to the class of 2023!
-Tulane Law Admissions

For the new people that comment is a callback to last year’s story about Tulane admitting a convicted murderer to their 2014 class… which is still amazing when you think about it.

Email to claim your T-shirt, Bossistani. And know that you get more T-shirts with honey than you do with acerbic wit.

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