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‘Prominent’ Attorney Accused of Patronizing Alleged Prostitute Who Once Starred in ‘Wife Swap’

Today, we’ve got a tale for our readers about a lawyer from upstate New York who seems to be the epitome of a DUI defense lawyer’s worst nightmare. As the old saying goes, “the third time’s the charm,” but apparently when it comes to this guy and allegations of drinking and driving, the third time’s when you get caught with an alleged prostitute in your car.

Did we mention that the accused prostitute once starred in a reality television show, Wife Swap? That’s certainly not going to help this fellow keep the allegations under wraps….

After receiving reports of an “erratic driver” going the wrong way on the Thruway, New York State Police arrested James D. Doyle early Monday morning along with his passenger, 20-year-old Alicia Guastaferro. The attorney was allegedly found “slumped over asleep” in his car at a service area after midnight.

Even though Doyle has been described by local media as a “prominent” attorney, this was not his first time at the DWI rodeo — he’s been arrested twice before on drunk driving charges, which led to two convictions for driving while impaired.

This time around, Doyle was charged with driving while intoxicated, providing alcohol to a minor, and patronizing a prostitute. Whoa, where did that charge come from? Well, it seems that Guastaferro, a former beauty queen, volunteered the rather incriminating information to police. From the Democrat and Chronicle:

Alicia Guastaferro

Guastaferro allegedly told police that Doyle calls her two times a month and pays her $500 to $700 for sex, a police report states. She told police she has known Doyle for two years and she and he were drinking before the arrest. According to the police report, she also told them he had not paid her for that night, that he pays her in the morning.

Here’s more from the police documents that were submitted to the Pembroke Town Court:

Guastaferro has been charged with prostitution, criminal impersonation, and possession of a controlled substance (the police allegedly found prescription pills in her purse). But in all seriousness, if these allegations are true, even though Guastaferro’s parents are no strangers to crime — Ralph and Karen Guastaferro were convicted of money laundering and tax fraud charges in 2009 — they must be disappointed to learn that their teenage beauty queen grew up to become a “leave it on the nightstand” kind of girl.

As for Jimmy Doyle, he claimed in an interview with YNN that the allegations are “lurid, salacious and demonstrably false.” He was arraigned earlier this week, and released without bail.

Best of luck to Doyle and Guastaferro as they attempt to fight these charges. On the bright side, Doyle will be unable to represent Guastaferro, so at least she won’t have to pay him back.

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