Justice Scalia is fond of reminding me that he was the first Yankees fan on the Court and he is still a very loyal Yankees fan. I keep telling him the only difference is that I was born in the Bronx and he wasn’t.

– Justice Sonia Sotomayor, discussing her love of the New York Yankees, after she spent yesterday afternoon with the Bleacher Creatures at Yankee Stadium.

(After the jump, an unusual photo of Justice Sotomayor at the game….)

We have previously shared with you photographs of Justice Sotomayor at a Yankees game. Our pictures were perhaps a bit more flattering than this one.

It’s not ideal for a liberal justice to be photographed next to a man in a t-shirt that reads “No Rules. Just Results.”

To be fair, the man in the photo is not just some guy. He is “Bald Vinny” Milano, a well-known Bleacher Creature who leads the traditional “Roll Call” at the beginning of each home game. Check this out (via Buzzfeed, via Instagram):

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor joins Yankee Stadium Bleacher Creatures [New York Daily News]
Roll call with @baldvinny and Justice Sotomayor [stefmara / Instagram]
Justice Sotomayor Poses Beside Man With Unfortunate T-Shirt [BuzzFeed]

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