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Comment of the Week: The Babies of Biglaw

Why don’t our Comment of the Week winners step forward to claim their prizes? It makes us really sad (especially since we have to wade through an entire week’s worth of posts to pick out the best comments). Come on, with starting salaries as low as $145K, you don’t exactly have to be a 47 Percenter to appreciate a free t-shirt.

All complaining aside, we hope that this week’s winner will email us to collect what he’s due, because his comparison between Biglaw and parenting was spot on….

We now know that the going rate for being a surrogate mother is $40,000. It’s not exactly Biglaw money, but if you don’t mind being pregnant and you’ve got no other options, it’s a great way to earn some extra cash. And on the bright side, you can have another job to increase your take-home pay; this one is only “part time” — because in the grand scheme of things, carrying someone else’s baby isn’t really that big of a deal. /sarcasm

Being a parent, on the other hand, is a full-time job that’s very similar to the one that many of our readers know and love (or sometimes loathe), according to Ateaist, one of our many well-liked commenters:

Being a parent is a lot like being in Biglaw – there is someone in your life whom you must serve unselflessly each day 24/7; that person will scream at you constantly, and at the end of the day you’re left to clean up his or her shit.

Parents actually have a one-up over Biglaw associates on that last point. Actual babies wear diapers, whereas Biglaw babies… well, they just kind of sh*t everywhere, and then scream at you some more if you don’t properly powder their oh-so-prestigious bottoms.

Ateaist, if you catch a break from cleaning up someone else’s crap, email us, and we’ll send you your shirt.

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