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Fashionista Lawyer Sues Forever 21 Over Alleged ‘Penny-Skimming Scheme’

Another day, another lawsuit against clothing store Forever 21 — and surprisingly, it’s not another copyright infringement claim. This time, Carolyn Kellman, a lawyer who’s been described by the local media as a “fashionista,” is suing the retailer over a penny. Yes, a penny. We briefly mentioned this suit in Friday’s Non-Sequiturs, but we thought it deserved the full treatment now that everyone is buzzing about it.

You see, Kellman is not just any lawyer. She previously made waves when she was profiled by the Miami Herald for her high-end fashion sense. While you ponder why a fashionista would publicly admit to shopping at Forever 21 (seriously, that’s where I went to buy whore shoes for Halloween in college), let’s get into the details of her class action suit against the fashion chain….

Check out the Daily Business Review’s summary of the facts in Kellman’s case against Forever 21:

Carolyn Kellman

A fashionista lawyer who returned black denim shorts to Forever 21 but received a penny less than what she paid is suing the retailer on behalf of fellow customers who “number in the thousands, spread over several states.”

Carolyn Kellman . . . paid $14.46 for the shorts at the Forever 21 store in the Dolphin Mall on May 12, the complaint filed by Kevin Love of Criden & Love in South Miami said.

Kellman, an attorney with the Strickland Law Firm in Coral Gables, returned the shorts to the Forever 21 in the Shops@Sunset Place on May 30 but was credited $14.45, “or exactly $0.01 less,” the complaint said.

Kellman’s suit seeks class-action status for two groups of Forever 21’s alleged fashion victims over the last five years: those who were charged one cent more, and those who were refunded one cent less. If you do the math, to meet the $15,000 threshold for her suit, Kellman is counting on 750,000 customers to come forward and admit that they were miffed over a penny, but maybe others will be just as pissed as she was.

By the way, in case you were wondering, here’s the woman who’s standing up for your rights:

The Herald photographed [Kellman] wearing Christian Louboutin shoes, a Panerai watch, Sacri Tabu bracelet and gold beads from Studio LX South Miami, a vintage ivory pendant on a black suede cord by Shelly Litvak and diamond stud earrings. She was holding a Balenciaga motorcycle weekender bag.

Kellman’s accessories are glamorous, but ugh, that dress. I suppose we now know why she chooses to shop at a store that’s frequented by teenagers and college kids — she just wants to relive her twenties. Hopefully Kellman will win her suit against Forever 21 so she can afford better taste in clothes.

Fashionista lawyer spots faux pas in refund policy [Daily Business Review]

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