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Lawyerly Lairs: An Associate’s $3.6 Million Apartment

The Observer heaps praise upon Marion Dougherty’s former home in the Beauclaire:

The apartment was as beautiful as the young Diane Lane, or the much younger Brooke Shields, whom Dougherty both placed in their first major movie productions. It has two wood burning fireplaces, hardwood floors and beamed ceilings. A real stunner.

Indeed. Check out the listing (via Robilotti & Associates):

The “beamed ceilings,” “beautiful hardwoord floors,” “charming treetop views” and “great light” all sound lovely. But do you know what really caught my eye? The requirement that buyers put down 60 percent cash. Mufson and Fromer dropped $3.6 million on this apartment, and at least $2.16 million was in cash. Delicious!

So what did the happy couple get for their millions? Let’s check out the goods….

(hidden for your protection)

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