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Lil Wayne Is Quite Possibly the Best Deponent of All Time

Depositions usually aren’t very exciting, but every now and then, you get a gem that’s worthy of public fanfare from the legal world. Take, for example, a deposition that we came across last year, in which a lawyer asked the deponent whether his “jurisprudential hymen [was] being ruptured.”

Today, we’ve got some deposition fun for you with the assistance of rap artist Lil Wayne, and it turns out that he’s just as entertaining in a legal setting as he is on stage — and by “entertaining,” we mean he acted like a complete tool. He’s currently suing Quincy Jones III over a documentary about his life, claiming that he was portrayed in a “scandalous” manner.

Let’s check out the clips from his leaked deposition….

These clips come courtesy of TMZ, the leader in celebrity clashes with the law. Lil Wayne, you may be the bomb like tick, tick, but that doesn’t give you an excuse to teach a master class in how to act like an unprofessional idiot during a deposition.

Be that as it may, this class is now in session, so listen up, folks, and prepare to be entertained.

First, accuse the lawyer of asking “stupid-ass questions,” then tell him that his line of questioning is “something out of his ass”:

When in doubt, recall absolutely nothing. And if you cut the lawyer off before he’s done asking you a question, simply claim that your psychic abilities are allowing you to do so:

And, of course, when all else fails, just threaten the lawyer who’s asking you the questions:

Props go out to Jones’s lawyer, Pete Ross of Browne George Ross, for putting up with Lil Wayne’s antics. At least he was able to laugh about the fact that this world-class rapper thought it would be in his best interests to act like a world-class ass in front of a judge.

Lil Wayne Deposition Short on Memory But HILARIOUS!!! [TMZ]

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