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Quote of the Day: Holy Smokes, Did You Hear What He Said?

Justice Jim Sharp Jr.

You guys are a bunch of back woods hillbillies that use screwed up methods in dealing with children and I can promise you this, things are about to change in Brazoria County.

— Texas Justice James (“Jim”) Patrick Sharp Jr., quoted by the State Commission on Judicial Conduct in a public reprimand released earlier this week.

(Keep reading to learn the details of Justice Sharp’s reprimand and read much more of the choice language that got him in trouble.)

Justice Sharp got busted for not-so-subtly using his prestigious position to try and get a friend’s daughter released from the Brazoria County Juvenile Detention Center earlier this year.

Clearly, he didn’t have enough prestige points to get the job done. Here’s the meat of the commission’s report, detailing Sharp’s frustration at his failed attempts to throw his weight around. Keep in mind, all of this happened at night, beginning after 8 p.m. and stretching along til around midnight:

In voicemail and text messages to the District Judge and the County Commissioner, Justice Sharp made the following statements concerning a Juvenile Detention officer, who Justice Sharp accused of being “rude” to him:

a. The officer was the “most arrogant little prick [he] had ever talked to in [his] life,” and that if he had met with the officer “in person,” the officer would have known that he “had visited.”

b. If he had spoken to the officer “in person,” and if Justice Sharp had been in possession of a “baseball bat . . . that son of a bitch would have been cracked upside the head. F**king little c**ksucker.”

c. “Brazoria County Juvie Folks are [not] just arrogant but ignorant. When an Appeals Court Justice calls and identifies himself and then they refer to me as ‘Mr.’ Sharp, it bespeaks a fundamental misunderstanding of respect and pecking order!”

d. “[S]ome county paycheck functionary . . . call[ing] me ‘rude’ also is totally unacceptable and that stupid a**hole need find [a] new job that never has him communicating with appellate court justices. Had I been there personally, it would have been damn ugly for him.”

I don’t want to do this, but Justice Sharp leaves me no choice: You mad, bro Your Honor? Jiminy Christmas, it’s like when Ralphie finally loses it and beats the snot out of Scott Farkus.

Quickly, let’s summarize Justice Sharp’s invective, largely directed at an unfortunate graveyard-shift juvenile hall employee. Apologies for all the asterisks. We don’t want to get blocked at y’all’s offices (read the actual report for the uncensored version), but according to Justice Sharp, this fellow is:

– arrogant and ignorant;
– an a**hole;
– worth hitting over the head with a baseball bat; and
– a c**ksucker. Oh wait, sorry, a “f**king little c**ksucker.”

Now, folks this is a good lesson in why it’s rarely a good idea to conduct work-related communication late at night. Things just… change after the sun goes down (as George Clooney has so eloquently shown us).

Getting a friend’s daughter out of juvie may be important, but sometimes it’s just better to sleep on it.

Public Reprimand [Texas State Commission on Judicial Conduct]
State Commission on Judicial Conduct publicly reprimands 1st Court of Appeals Justice James “Jim” Patrick Sharp Jr. [Tex Parte Blog]

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