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Recent Bar Exam Results: Open Thread
Florida, Nebraska, Utah, West Virginia — any others?

It’s that time of year again: bar exam results season. While some will be on the edges of their seats until November, others are already breathing sighs of relief.

We’ve already heard about the results from North Carolina — as usual, that was the first state to get results out (which was impressive, considering that state Board of Law Examiners couldn’t even provide power to test takers during the exam). Next came Nebraska, followed by West Virginia, and then Utah.

And now we’ve received word that the Sunshine State released its results yesterday….

This year, notification of the posting of Florida’s results was sent out by the Court’s Twitter feed. Yes, seriously:

Now instead of incessantly reloading the results page to see if you passed, you can just check Twitter. How technologically endearing. The Florida bar exam results can be found here. Congratulations to those of you who passed. Go out and celebrate! If you didn’t pass, better luck next time (or the time after that, ad infinitum).

Last year, we provided our readers with an illustrated timeline of what it was like to take and pass the Florida bar exam (gavel bang: This Is Not That Blog). It was so popular that we’ve brought it back. Enjoy!

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