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The 50 Most Relevant Law Professors

Here are Phillips and Yoo’s top 50 law professors ranked by relevance:

Most of the names on this list should be familiar to devotees of legal academia. Feel free to share your observations — who’s surprisingly low, who’s surprisingly high, who’s surprisingly not on the list at all — in the comments.

Focusing on the top ten, NYU Law School fares quite well, with three of the top ten most relevant law profs — more than any other school. If you expand to the top 25 — which includes Yoo himself, in a two-way tie at #24 with former judge Michael McConnell — Harvard comes out on top, with seven in the top 25. HLS is followed by Yale with five and NYU and Stanford with three apiece.

And here are the top 50 law professors ranked by efficiency (a list that strikes me as skewing a bit older than the relevance ranking):

These are just some highlights from the paper. It contains all sorts of other goodies, including rankings of professors by overall productivity, rankings of professors in different subject areas, and rankings of law schools in different subject areas.

You can download the complete paper via the links below. Enjoy!

UPDATE (5:10 PM): Again, as noted above, the rankings are limited to the top 16 law schools according to the U.S. News academic peer rankings. You can learn more about the methodology in the full paper.

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