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Ex-Judge of the Day: Nobody Wants to See the ‘Judicial Penis’

Along with all the wonders and ease of technology — the world wide web at your fingertips, the ability to send photos of your family vacations from the top of a mountain — there are also some serious accompanying risks. Like the possibility of forgetting to delete a stray picture of your privates and accidentally showing it to a colleague in the middle of a cellphone slideshow of otherwise innocent family and church photos.


But that’s what former Philadelphia traffic court judge Willie Singletary did. He resigned several months ago over the blunder, and now he’s been officially called out by the state’s Judicial Discipline Committee…..

Singletary is no stranger to these pages. He actually earned his first Judge of the Day title before even getting elected, over owing thousands of dollars in traffic (d’oh) fines.

What finally sunk his judicial career, though, was a family-friendly show-and-tell sesh gone wrong. Among the dozens of cellphone photos Singletary was showing to a government contractor, there were also two photos of his junk.

As we learn from the Legal Intelligencer (gavel bang: ABA Journal), the former jurist said he had forgotten he even took the photos. We don’t know who the pics were originally intended for, but we’re going to go ahead and hope they were for his wife.

Pennsylvania’s Court of Judicial Discipline ruled this week that Singletary brought his office into disrepute, because the public, and I quote, “do[es] not expect their judges to be conducting photo sessions featuring the judicial penis.”

At least one notable (female) exception notwithstanding, we agree 100 percent. You’re a judge, not the one of the Ying Yang Twins. But yeah, here’s the best part of the ruling. I can’t believe they even called Singletary out for his “grooming” habits. Phhbt:

“We hold that a judge who intentionally grooms his penis for photography, and then intentionally photographs his penis for the purpose of display to others, had better remember that the photographs are in his phone lest they ‘slip out’ at some inopportune (albeit unplanned) time under circumstances which are likely to offend another person or persons.”

Legalese be damned, you can’t get much clearer than that. Guys, if you just HAVE to send your romantic interest a picture of your penis, please for everyone’s sake, hit send and delete it from your freakin’ phone.

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