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Mr. Legal Entertainment: Comedy > Lawyering

Ed. note: This column will be about entertainment, the law, and the intersection of those two things. If you know of a law-related personality you’d like to see interviewed here, please contact us.

Staci here. We know that lawyers tend to be easily distracted bunch, always seeking out ways to entertain themselves while at work. But why force yourself to do work that’s so boring when you can just flush your Ivy League degree down the toilet and become a comedian?

This week Sam interviewed Matt Ritter, a Penn Law graduate who quit his Biglaw job to become a successful solo comedian and a member of the comedy group Comedians at Law….

If you’re interested in seeing him live, Ritter will be performing at the Stress Factory in New Jersey on October 30 at 8 p.m. To find out more about Matt Ritter, just watch Mr. Legal Entertainment’s interview, below:

Mr. Legal Entertainment is Sam E. Goldberg. He’s worked for the Howard Stern Show, where he appeared on the weekly intern show and spoke about gossip, and Maxim Radio, where he did man-on-the-street interviews and spoke regularly with the hosts of the show. Sam previously launched the S&M radio show (S&M stood for Sam and Michelle), and spoke about pop culture, with celebrity appearances such as Kim Kardashian. When he got kicked off the air on college radio, the show was picked up by Idobi radio, an iTunes radio show. Sam is a recent law school graduate. His full biography is available at Mr. Law School.

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