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Princeton Review Rankings Part Deux: The Toughest Law Schools To Get Into, And More!

Earlier this week, we brought our readers news of the latest Princeton Review law school rankings for Best Career Prospects. Basing a “career prospects” ranking on surveys of current students, students who have yet to embark upon their careers, could be questioned methodologically — but you ate that s**t up like Halloween candy, so let’s give you more.

Today, we’ll take a closer look at the new rankings in categories that current law students actually know something about: the law schools that are the toughest to get into, and the law schools with the most competitive students. While one of these rankings lists is consistent with conventional wisdom, the other might surprise you.

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Before we get to Princeton Review’s list of the law schools that are “Toughest To Get Into,” we found something over at the Huffington Post that is sure to make our readers chuckle:

Surely you jest! Everyone knows that Princeton Law is one of the best programs in the country. /sarcasm

Anyway, here’s the list you’ve been waiting for (and it largely comports with our beloved U.S News rankings):

1. Yale Law School
2. Harvard Law School
3. Stanford Law School
4. UVA Law School
5. Columbia Law School
6. UC Berkeley (Boalt Hall)
7. William and Mary School of Law
8. UNC Law
9. University of Pennsylvania Law School
10. University of Chicago Law School

Interestingly enough, according to U.S. News, William and Mary is ranked No. 35, while UNC Law is ranked No. 38. Apparently the rest of the T14 are allowing just anyone to walk their hallowed halls these days — or at least film themselves masturbating in their libraries. It’s okay to be pissed off if your school didn’t make it onto this list, but it’s probably your own damn fault for not filling out Princeton Review’s survey.

Next up, we’ve got a list of the top ten law schools with the “Most Competitive Students.” You’d think that this list would be filled with classic top-tier schools, full of gunners, or with very low-ranked schools, where class rank determines whether you’ll be able to feed yourself after graduation. Instead, the list is more eclectic:

1. Baylor University School of Law
2. Whittier College School of Law
3. Brigham Young University School of Law
4. Mercer University School of Law
5. Regent University School of Law
6. Nova Southeastern Law Center
7. Marquette University Law School
8. Widener University School of Law
9. Pepperdine University School of Law
10. Suffolk University Law School

The ranked schools on this top-ten list range from No. 39 to No. 135 on the U.S. News rankings, while the rest — almost half of them — are unranked. Perhaps the students at the unranked schools know that if they’re not completely cutthroat, they’ll wind up working retail.

Hey, at least Cooley Law isn’t on this year’s list. Because really, it’s the second-best school in the nation. Do you honestly think they’ve got anything to worry about? Puh-lease.

Law School Rankings – Toughest To Get Into [Princeton Review (reg. req.)]
Law School Rankings – Most Competitive Students [Princeton Review (reg. req.)]

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